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B.Sc(No Of The Seats: 240 )
Commonly in the Commonwealth and Ireland graduands are admitted to the degree of Bachelor of Science after having completed a programme in one or more of the sciences. These programmes may take different lengths of time to complete. A Bachelor of Science receives the designation B.Sc. or B.S. for
B.com(No Of The Seats: 240 )
In general, the BCom is designed to provide the student with a wide range of managerial skills while at the same time building competence in a particular area.[1] Most universities plan the BCom such that the student is exposed to general business principles, quantitative analysis, case studies and
B.com(comp)(No Of The Seats: 100 )
Is a subset of the overall internal controls of a business covering the application of people, documents, technologies, and procedures by management accountants to solving business problems such as costing a product, service or a business-wide strategy. Management information systems are distinct fr
MPE(No Of The Seats: 60 )
Physics and Electronics with Mathematics
MSCs(No Of The Seats: 60 )
Statistics and Computer science with Mathematics
MECs(No Of The Seats: 60 )
Electronics and Computer science with Mathematics
MBA(No Of The Seats: 60 )
Master of Business Administration
M.P.C(No Of The Seats: 120 )
Physics and chemistry with Mathematics
M.E.C(No Of The Seats: 60 )
Economics and Civics with Mathematics
C.E.C(No Of The Seats: 120 )
Economics and Civics with Commerce
H.E.C(No Of The Seats: 120 )
Economics and Civics with History
M..com(No Of The Seats: 40 )
Master of Commerce
B.COM(TEL)(No Of The Seats: 60 )
BBA(No Of The Seats: 50 )
BBA is a middle level (Graduate level) Management professional Course. 70% of the syllabus which is being covered in MBA (Master of Business Administration) is being covered in BBA. It gives a concise knowledge about the Business Environment and its working, the basics in the Business in administrat



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